Over-planning my feet’s winter

Posted on April 12, 2010


As the title says, i’m searching my new pair of IT shoes for next winter. Doesn’t mind we’re in april and spring has yet not come.. it’ s the same urge i had in october to find perfect sandal wedge for next summer!

By the way, after some intense hours of web surfing i reached a conclusion. Given the fact that i’m searching a pair of med-heeled bootie to wear all day, i focused my attention on simple style boots, possibly light brown or charcoal colored. Don’t forget i got a pair of motorcycle boots last winter, that i’m still using. Perfect boots obviously, but a little bit too flat..and i’m not really tall..

What do you think of this gorgeous Acne Pistol boots?? Totally in love with them!! Simple, versatile and easy to wear. In the bargain i’d love to shop all Acne fw collection.. And what about this Deborah Shortie from Frye? This are Taupe, but are available also in hottie blue and grey. Maybe i prefer to stay in motorcycle mood..this Frye Harness are perfect!

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